Multifamily Investment Online Appearances

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Are you looking for someone with proven real estate investment experience to speak on your podcast or YouTube channel? Would your audience be interested in learning more about how to get started in this exciting market? Contact Jonathan here to set up an interview.

Gino Barbaro & Jake Stenziano: Gino and Jake
Investing for Cashflow and Minimizing Risk with Jonathan Twombly, July 1, 2016

Bill Manassero: The Old Dogs Real Estate Investment Network
Episode #004: From Wall Street Attorney to Multifamily Real Estate Investor with Jonathan Twombly, June 6, 2016

Reed Goossens: RSN
Episode #22: How to Start a Multifamily Real Estate Investment Fund, May 3, 2016

Dorkin, Josh & Turner, Brandon: Bigger Pockets
Episode #172: Breaking Into Apartment Investing with a 100-Unit First Deal, Apr 28, 2016

Tony LeBlanc: Ground Floor Academy
YouTube Interview, Mar 3, 2016

Darrin Gross: Commercial Real Estate Pro Network
Episode #36: How To Do The First Deal, Mar 11, 2016

Rod Khleif: Lifetime Cash Flow
Interview: Investment in multifamily residential investment properties, March 2016

Michael Blank: Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank
Episode #29: Lessons Learned from the Rocky Road to 400 Units, Jan 13, 2016

ASotREG: Wall Street Lawyer Turned Real Estate Investor
Wall Street Lawyer Turned Real Estate Investor Finds Success in Multifamily Investing November 29, 2015

Joe Fairless: Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
Episode JF 26: Starting a Multifamily Syndication Biz Ain’t Easy…But Here’s Proof It’s Worth It, Sept 29, 2014

Kevin Bupp: Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow
Episode #34: The Fast Track to Success in Multi-Family Investing, Aug 252014